Thanks to all of you who came down to the Bath House on Saturday night for 24 Hour Party People – hope you had just as good a time as I did & I’m sorry if I never quite got to your request – next time I promise!

Next up now is Atomic, set for Saturday 10th April at the Bath House – see you there!

Atomic, 10th April 2010

Oh, and the giveaway CD will feature music from the year 1980.



Here’s the tracklist for Saturday night’s giveaway CD – we’re up to volume 17, which means that’s nearly 3 years worth! Come up & ask for one on Saturday night.

01. Spiritualized – Come Together
02. Happy Mondays – 24 Hour Party People
03. Oasis – Cigarettes & Alcohol
04. Elastica – Car Song
05. The Charlatans – The Only One I Know
06. Supergrass – Mansize Rooster
07. Pulp – Razzmatazz
08. Sleeper – Inbetweener
09. Franz Ferdinand – Michael
10. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Y Control
11. Arcade Fire – Rebellion (Lies)
12. Cymbals Eat Guitars – Wind Phoenix
13. Vampire Weekend – Giving Up The Gun
14. The Killers – When You Were Young
15. The Courteeners – You Overdid It Doll
16. The Cribs – We Were Aborted
17. Arctic Monkeys – Still Take You Home
18. The XX – VCR
19. Primal Scream – Come Together

See what I did there? 😉


Awesome night at the Bath House on Saturday to kick off 24 Hour Party People for 2010, thanks to all of you who came down – hope you had a good time!

Next up now is Atomic, set for Saturday 27th February at the Bath House – see you there!

Atomic, 27th February 2010



OK folks, here’s the tracklist for the giveaway on Saturday night:

01. Blur – Parklife
02. The Strokes – 12:51
03. Los Campesinos! – Straight in at 101
04. Good Shoes – Under Control
05. Betty & The Werewolves – David Cassidy
06. Tullycraft – The Punks Are Writing Love Songs
07. Vampire Weekend – Cousins
08. Yeasayer – Ambling Alp
09. O.Children – Dead Disco Dancer
10. Spearmint – Scottish Pop
11. Camera Obscura – Let’s Get Out of This Country
12. Northern Portrait – When Goodness Falls
13. The Faintest Ideas – Nosebleeders on the Track
14. The Flatmates – I Could Be in Heaven
15. The Manhattan Love Suicides – Clusterfuck
16. Helen Love – Beat Him Up
17. Love Is All – Make Out Fall Out Make Up
18. Frankie & The Heartstrings – Hunger
19. Manic Street Preachers – Motorcycle Emptiness
20. The Stone Roses – I Am The Resurrection

Get in early!

Huge thanks to all of you who were down the Bath House for Hang the DJ on New Year’s Eve – I hope you all had asawesome a time as I did – Cheers!

And so we begin again – first up for 2010 is 24 Hour Party People on Saturday 30th January at the Bath House – see you there!

24 Hour Party People poster, 30 January 2010



I don’t quite know why, but I actually still care about the NME end of year lists, even though I stopped buying the magazine regularly sometime in 2000. Anyway, here’s their take on the year 2009:

NME’s 50 best albums of 2009

NME’s 50 best tracks of 2009

And if you can’t be bothered with looking at those, the number one’s are Horrors – Primary Colours & Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero. Not bad choices all up