LCD Soundsystem not no more?

That’s how it starts, I guess…

According to the NME here:

LCD Soundsystem mainman James Murphy has revealed he has written the band’s next album, quashing rumours that the band were unlikely to return following the release of 2007’s ‘Sound Of Silver’.

The producer/solo artist told NME.COM that he has penned eight songs for the album, which will be the third LCD effort, and is keeping the tracks under lock and key – in his head.

“I write all my music in my head, I never demo,” Murphy told NME.COM. “I get to a point where there are too many songs and I have to get them recorded. I recently felt that. I’ve got eight in my head – that’s critical mass.”

Murphy said he was unsure when he would begin recording the new album, but said that when he did, he wouldn’t tell anyone.

“When I start recording I don’t tell anyone not even my manager,” he said, possibly explaining some recent reports where live LCD Soundsystem guitarist Al Doyle claimed the group were finished. “I’ll go away for a month to a studio outside the city [New York] and do it.”

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