In breaking news, seems like Peter Hook has left New Order. This from the NME (full story here):

New Order without bassist Peter Hook after band members Bernard Sumner and Stephen Morris issued a statement today (July 20) saying they vowing to continue.

The pair’s statement comes after former bassist Hook claimed recently that he is not working with his bandmates anymore.

Sumner and Morris declared: “After 30 years in a band together we are very disappointed that Hooky has decided to go to the press and announce unilaterally that New Order have split up. We would have hoped that he could have approached us personally first. He does not speak for all the band, therefore we can only assume he no longer wants to be a part of New Order.”

Sad news, really.


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  1. admin says:

    Well, sad that he left, not sad that Barney & Steve are continuing! 😉

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