So I picked up the new Interpol album Our Love To Admire on vinyl the other day from the good people at Slow Boat, and a very nice package it is – double 12″ in gatefold with inserts blah blah blah, BUT it also comes with a CD copy of the album which

  1. allows me to also listen to it at work
  2. means I don’t have to buy another copy (which surprisingly, has happened before!)
  3. means I don’t have to download a copy

A step on from some albums coming with free digital download. Not a new thing, I think Shellac did it a few years ago, but win/win all round & a very nice idea.

2 thoughts on “Buy vinyl, get CD too!

  1. I like it better than the last one! The single (The Heinrich Manoeuvre) is great – holds together pretty well I think. Worth a listen, and the cover artwork is excellent (tho very non-Interpol)!

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