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According to the NME here:

LCD Soundsystem mainman James Murphy has revealed he has written the band’s next album, quashing rumours that the band were unlikely to return following the release of 2007’s ‘Sound Of Silver’.

The producer/solo artist told NME.COM that he has penned eight songs for the album, which will be the third LCD effort, and is keeping the tracks under lock and key – in his head.

“I write all my music in my head, I never demo,” Murphy told NME.COM. “I get to a point where there are too many songs and I have to get them recorded. I recently felt that. I’ve got eight in my head – that’s critical mass.”

Murphy said he was unsure when he would begin recording the new album, but said that when he did, he wouldn’t tell anyone.

“When I start recording I don’t tell anyone not even my manager,” he said, possibly explaining some recent reports where live LCD Soundsystem guitarist Al Doyle claimed the group were finished. “I’ll go away for a month to a studio outside the city [New York] and do it.”

From the BBC, reported here:

Al Doyle, who plays guitar for US dance act LCD Soundsystem, believes the band has ended in its current form.

Recent reports suggested the disco punk group were on a break but Doyle says the project is “on permanent hold”.

Instead of creating new LCD material, they would like to work with 70s disco singers from their native New York.

Doyle went on to explain one possibility: “We were thinking of doing something where we find a lot of the old disco singers in New York that might still be around from the 70s, and get them in as guest vocalists with LCD as a backing band, and tour around as a disco heroes style show.

Despite my sadness that there may be no more LCD material, that disco heroes thing sounds AWESOME!

Smiths box set


Rhino UK are proud to present “Singles Box?: a clamshell card box containing the first ten UK-issued singles in their original picture sleeves. What makes this particularly special is the two singles which are exclusive to this box set: These unique inclusions are the projected fourth single – “Still Ill? (which was pressed only as DJ promo “A? label) but was ultimately passed over and replaced by “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now? along side the Dutch release of “The Headmaster Ritual? housed in it’s black & white “cowboy? sleeve – the rarest commercially issued Smiths’ single in any territory.

The box is completed with four contemporary badges, a poster featuring the single artworks as well as an authentication certificate that contains a unique redemption code for mp3 downloads of the tracks.

An absolute must have item for Smiths‘ fans, and limited to 10,000 copies only. All singles utilise the original production masters from the period.

The front cover image of the box was personally chosen by Morrissey. It features Joel Fabiani from the 1969 TV series “Department S”, starring Peter Wyndgarde, Joel Fabiani and Rosemary Nicols.

Tracklist at the link above.


NME reveals the title & tracklist of the new Franz Ferdinand album, slated for a January 26 2009 release (Happy Australia Day!)

Having confirmed earlier that the album, called ‘Tonight: Franz Ferdinand’, is set for release on January 26, the band have now revealed the following 12 tracks will feature on the Dan Carey-produced album:

‘Turn It On’
‘Kiss Me’
‘Twilight Omens’
‘Send Him Away’
‘Live Alone’
‘Bite Hard’
‘What She Came For’
‘Can’t Stop Feeling’
‘Lucid Dreams’
‘Dream Again’
‘Katherine Kiss Me’

“‘Tonight: Franz Ferdinand’ is music of the night: to fling yourself around your room to as you psyche yourself for a night of hedonism, for the dance-floor, flirtation, for your desolate heart-stop, for losing it and loving losing it, for the chemical surge in your bloodstream,” explained frontman Alex Kapranos of the album’s feel.

“It’s for that lonely hour gently rocking yourself waiting for dawn and it all to be even again.”

According to Morrissey site True to You (details here), the Mozfather himself is deigning to visit our shores sometime early next year! Intriguing…

Morrissey to play concerts in New Zealand and Australia in 2009

2 October 2008

Morrissey will play his first concerts of 2009 in New Zealand. January shows are booked in Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland and Dunedin. From here, Morrissey will travel to Australia where concerts are booked in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

We shall see!

I know it seems like all I ever do is post about nothingelseon stuff & Joy Division, but really, this takes the cake:

Joy Division trainers FFS!

Full details here:

**Actually that site is great if you’re in any way interested in Factory records**

So, yeah they’re ‘unreleased’ or whatever, but really?????

Oh, there’s these too:

NB JD sneakers

If that’s enoughto put you over the edge, then read this Black Sky Thinking: The Joy Division Industry by Chris Roberts – worth a read.

Haha, and to completely skewer my point – another article worth a read by Jon Savage in the Grauniad – Controlled Chaos