I know it seems like all I ever do is post about nothingelseon stuff & Joy Division, but really, this takes the cake:

Joy Division trainers FFS!

Full details here: http://www.cerysmaticfactory.info/joy_division_trainers.html

**Actually that site is great if you’re in any way interested in Factory records**

So, yeah they’re ‘unreleased’ or whatever, but really?????

Oh, there’s these too:

NB JD sneakers

If that’s enoughto put you over the edge, then read this Black Sky Thinking: The Joy Division Industry by Chris Roberts – worth a read.

Haha, and to completely skewer my point – another article worth a read by Jon Savage in the Grauniad – Controlled Chaos

… I hope you went to this: the Tony Wilson Experience.

At noon on 21 June, 2008 some of the biggest names in design, the creative industries, media, and the arts will launch a 24 hour conversation and debate in the centre of Manchester, with a selected audience of two hundred talented and creative young people from across the city and beyond.

The event is designed to stimulate, inspire and engage the next generation of cultural innovators and is being held in memory of the broadcaster, entrepreneur and creative champion, Anthony H Wilson.

It will be a unique occasion – organised and programmed to reflect Tony’s inimitable creative style and the ways in which he engaged the people he met, worked with, played with.

The Tony Wilson Experience is deliberately experimental because that’s how Tony would have constructed it. In fact, there are some elements of the event which will remain open to change right up until our launch. We have a carefully considered framework but we want to ensure that there’s some freedom in the programme; in short, the event will be structured and managed, but not constrained.


From the NME:

Joy Division and New Order bassist Peter Hook deejayed and participated in a revealing Q&A session in Los Angeles last night (June 17) to mark the US release of the ‘Joy Division’ documentary DVD.

The film, directed by Grant Gee, concentrates on Joy Division’s groundbreaking sound and on the Manchester band’s tragic frontman Ian Curtis, who committed suicide in 1980.

Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner’s new side-project is a band called The Last Shadow Puppets. The group is Turner and Miles Kane, frontman of The Rascals. Firm friends ever since Arctic Monkeys toured with Kane’s previous group, The Little Flames, the pair were inspired by listening to Scott Walker, early Bowie and David Axelrod amongst others – ‘it was dramatic’, Turner says’ ‘it filled the senses’ – that they hatched a plan.

Single “The Age of The Understatement? is out now in the UK & here’s the vid!

Album is imminent!