From Dead Flowers:

I’m not into VU bootlegs really, but apparently this is a big deal. It’s the ONLY available live stuff from 1967 and has only become available in literally the last two days. Recorded just after the release of The Velvet Underground And Nico and featuring the debut performance of Sister Ray (19 mins long) and the *previously unheard* song I’m Not A Young Man Any More. That’s right, A NEW VELVET UNDERGROUND SONG. And it’s fucking good too. This version of Sister Ray absolutely shreds and is what the Velvet Underground are all about.

I’m just listening now and i can already say that, in addition to the historical importance of these five recordings, this thing rocks like a motherfucker.

True! Download it while you can folks, this is great stuff. Just click the Dead Flowers link above to take you there.

Also reviewed here at Idolator if you aren’t believin’.

Worth it alone to hear Lou yell ‘Sock It To Me’ before each solo!

Here’s the tracklist:

1. I’m Not A Young Man Anymore (previously unheard VU song)
2. Guess I’m Falling In Love
3. I’m Waiting For The Man
4. Run Run Run
5. Sister Ray (debut live performance)


Here’s the next best thing (kinda)! Download the entire gig (all 35 tracks) here from Kiwi Concerts, a newish blog ‘celebrating great concerts that took place in New Zealand’.

There’s some other good stuff there too, such as this Wellington gig from the Mozfather himself in 1991, the Zep from 1972 (!!), and plenty more to come so I’m told. Well worth keeping an eye on.

Oh, and if anyone, anywhere, has a decent audio copy of New Order‘s gig at the Logan Campbell Centre in Auckland in 1985, please drop me a line


You can see the video for the new Bloc Party single Flux (due out in the UK on November 14) right here.

An intriguing tale of love and robots (plus giant monsters) set to a pounding Moroder-esque Eurobeat with a slightly vocoder-ed Kele. Fantastic! And well worth a look.

Also from the NME, you can download (FREE!) a whole CD from the LoveMusicHateRacism campaign. Here’s the tracklist:

1. Can’t Find The Door – Blood Red Shoes
2. Tristeza Maleza – Manu Chao
3. Who The Cap Fits – Mecca 2 Medina
4. Electro Livin’ – Akala
5. Burn Faster – Nine Black Alps
6. Love Has A Diameter – Biffy Clyro
7. Ice Cream (The Hooks Remix) – New Young Pony Club
8. The Big Lie (Featuring Ian Mclagan) – Billy Bragg
9. Nosebleed – Maximo Park
10. Summer Nights (Featuring Tom Paddington, Ears, Scorcher) – Statik
11. Campaign Button – Fionn Regan
12. Shame – Noisettes
13. Cold Bread (Engine Room Demo) – Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit
14. Chest Boxing – Skream

And, just before I finish being NME’s bitch, here’s news of NZ’s own (and very good) Cut Off Your Hands at CMJ in New York right this minute.

Have a great long weekend!


…your prayers have been answered! The complete Beatles catalogue sped up 800% to fit an hour long mp3.

Details here:

Surprisingly enough, it’s pretty tough to listen to, but, things get more interesting/better when these sped up tracks are slowed back down again. Here’s Revolution & there’s a couple of other links at the site worth checking out.


From here:

Remember back in the days before digital music players and MP3s?
If you do, then you probably made compilations of all your favourite music, to share with your friends and loved ones, on good old fashioned blank cassette tapes.
If you miss making mix tapes this product will inspire you again!

USB mix tape

Haha, I’m unsure what to make of this – on sale at the end of September apparently. Actually, I think it’s kinda cool – if you don’t like it, just ‘tape’ over it!


There is an excellent early electronica/new wave/synth mix available for download here:

This is a fantastic sampler of late 70’s/early 80’s electronic, minimal synth, synth-pop music. Includes The Associates, OMD, Paul Haig, Thomas Leer, Cabaret Voltaire, Severed Heads, John Foxx and much more. It was put together by New York DJ & Acute Records supremo Dan Selzer for DFA member Tim Sweeney’s Beats in Space radio show on WNYU in New York.

Tim Sweeney then gets in on the act in part 2

Well worth the download! This is a lot of stuff that gets played early on at Atomic, so if you’re into it, turn up a bit earlier next time! 🙂

And, if you’re looking for more of this stuff, and much more, ahem, ‘obscure’ post punk type music, the LTM label is a great place to start – their reissue programme is phenomenal