Blimey! There’s a new Happy Mondays album!

The cover looks like this:
Uncle Dysfunktional
The tracklist is:

1. Jellybean
2. Angels And Whores
3. Deviants
4. Rats With Wings
5. Cuntry Disco
6. In The Blood
7. Anti Warhole On The Dancefloor
8. Rush Rush
9. Uncle Dysfunktional
10. Dr Dick
11. Weather

Out in the UK on 8 July.

I’m kinda interested to hear this, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be anywhere as good as it could be (in my head at least). In fact, it will quite possibly be terrible. But in the way that everyone always slows down to look when passing an accident, I’ll give it a listen, just for old time’s sake.


2 thoughts on “New Moon on Mondays!

  1. There was a surprisingly positive review of this in the DomPost’s entertainment section today, so maybe it won’t be as terrible as you imagine 🙂

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