Record Stores: outlook not so bleak?

Nice article in the Guardian about how specialised record stores are carving out a niche & staying alive here.

Big shout out to the fine folks at Wellington’s only independent record store that matters: Slow Boat!


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4 Responses to Record Stores: outlook not so bleak?

  1. Cam says:

    I can recall the days when the only two record shops worth visiting were Slow Boat and Silvios (I’ve probably spelt that incorrectly).

    Silvios had the best badge/patch/sticker/postcard/t-shirt/flag/poster collection. You could cover the canvas army bag that you just bought from Crazy Ricks with all your favourite bands within minutes of purchase!

    I still have my Stone Roses postcard somewhere, but during a moment of sentimental weakness I gave my Pablo Honey T-Shirt to a girlfriend when she travelled overseas a decade ago. I’m not sure what happened to my Smiths poster – I’d like to think it’s hanging around somewhere on someone’s bedroom wall, watching over a messily made bed, a 1/2 full ash tray and a well worn volume of earnestly written (but still quite bad) poetry.

  2. admin says:

    Yeah, it is sad, Silvio’s was great. The internet, though, has opened up a whole world of possibilities for tracking down that record that you just have to have! Just take a look at my credit card statement!

    I’ll bet your Radiohead t-shirt is still being worn to bed!

    And that ashtray would be 1/2 full of clove cigarette butts!

  3. Cam says:

    Actually, for a short while you were able to by Russian army surplus ration cigarettes from the Militaria shop on Courtney Place – only $2 a pack. I remember buying a black beret from the same shop to complete my Echo & The Bunnymen look. Went well with my Doc’s, stovepipes and my dad’s old black trench coat.

  4. Bill says:

    No one seems to wear Docs any more – are they that tainted with sk1nh3ad associations? Or are they just completely uncool? I am so out of touch. I have been thinking of getting a pair for a while now, tho I won’t be shaving my head.

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