I know it seems like all I ever do is post about nothingelseon stuff & Joy Division, but really, this takes the cake:

Joy Division trainers FFS!

Full details here: http://www.cerysmaticfactory.info/joy_division_trainers.html

**Actually that site is great if you’re in any way interested in Factory records**

So, yeah they’re ‘unreleased’ or whatever, but really?????

Oh, there’s these too:

NB JD sneakers

If that’s enoughto put you over the edge, then read this Black Sky Thinking: The Joy Division Industry by Chris Roberts – worth a read.

Haha, and to completely skewer my point – another article worth a read by Jon Savage in the Grauniad – Controlled Chaos

From the NME

Freebass, the group consisting of The Smiths’ Andy Rourke, New Order’s Peter Hook and The Stone Roses and Primal Scream bassist Mani, have revealed their new singer.

Gary Briggs, formerly of Cornish-by-Manchester band Haven, will join the trio, alongside a number of celebrity guests.

Speaking to BBC 6Music, Peter Hook said: “We have had trouble getting it together and I have had a lot of trouble finding a vocalist and we now have another one. This is about our 15th one.?

Ian Brown, Billy Corgan, Happy Mondays’ Rowetta, Tim Burgess and Liam Gallagher are also involved in the project, reportedly contributing guest vocals.

The group has been in development since 2004, a delay Hook puts down to commitments in the members’ other bands.

He said: “We started it funnily enough, Mani and I, as a reaction because our groups New Order and Primals had been stalled, and then miraculously our groups started up again so it went on the back burner for a long time.

“Rourkie plays guitar a lot, Mani and I balance each other out. He plays low and I play high. It actually works well.?

You know how magazines & newspapers always seem to be printing lists of the best <genre> albums ever, or 100 albums you must hear before you do <activity X>? Well, the Guardian’s obviously trying to be the Daddy of ’em all, as it has compiled 1000 albums you should listen to before you shuffle off your mortal coil.

…the Guardian’s music team – after much debate, some of it bitter – suggest 1000 albums that are well worth your hearing. What it’s not is the best 1000 albums of all time. Instead, it’s a cross-genre, cross-era look at some great music.

So what were the rules for picking the 1000?

First, no single act can appear more than once – though where an artist has collaborated widely, they might pop up all over the place, as Brian Eno and Damon Albarn do.

Second, where there was a good alternative to the blindingly obvious album, we went for the alternative. After all, who needs to be told, yet again, to buy Revolver or Pet Sounds?

Third, we’re happy to have a slew of Various Artists albums, because there are plenty of underground scenes whose best songs came in the form of singles – why buy a Standells album when you can hear the great Nuggets compilation?

Fourth, there are a ton of little-known personal favourites in here. So when you stumble over a title you’ve never heard of, it’s because at least one of our writers desperately wants you to hear it.

Full story (and list) here, and you can argue to your heart’s content in the blog here!

Have at it!

In what could quite possibly be a better book than the Crue’s The Dirt, Guns N’ Roses own Slash has a story to tell. Guns! Drugs! Porn Stars! Axl! Drugs! More Drugs!! Even More Drugs!!!

‘Yeah, yeah, cool, man,’ I said. I slapped down the toilet-seat cover and cut out four thick lines of coke. ‘You want one?’

He looked pretty uneasy. ‘No, no thanks. I’m on the job,’ he said. ‘OK, right, that’s cool,’ I said. ‘I’ll do yours, then.’ ‘It’s not just that, it’s also eight o’clock in the morning,’ he said, smiling apologetically.

Read excerpts from it here.


Just when you thought Control may well be the only Joy Division related film you’d ever see, comes news of another, showing at the Toronto Film Festival (naturally enough alongside Control). The imaginatively titled Joy Division is directed by Grant Gee, who has also directed Radiohead’s Meeting People Is Easy movie. More info at Reuters here.

Oh, and just so you know – it’s a documentary written by Jon Savage & featuring archive footage, interviews with the band (tho probably not Ian), Tony Wilson, and others. Looking forward to it already…

In other news, former bassist with The Smiths Andy Rourke has quashed hopes for a future Smiths reunion, insisting Morrissey is impossible to even contact, let alone coax into reforming, so says the NME here anyway.

Best quote of the story must be this (if you don’t want to read the whole thing!):

…when asked if Morrissey ever had any groupies, quipping, “He had a delivery once and the boy was in there with him for a good ten minutes, but apart from that, I don’t think so.”

Ho ho!

All this from the launch of the new DVD Inside the Smiths:

Speaking with candour, honesty and humour, Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke offer
a unique insight into the private life of the groundbreaking band: “The DVD
is a very real account of what happened when we were in The Smiths,” says
Joyce. “We wanted people to know what it was really like. It is more
truthful than anything we have revealed in interviews before because we
were relaxed with how it was done and who was doing it”

Amazon link, if you’re interested is here